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The 52nd TOPIK test in 2017

KECDC 2017.01.24 08:00 Views : 653

There will be the 52nd TOPIK test in 2017.


1. DATE : April 15, 2017

 please arrive 30 min. prior to the starting time

-TOPIK I  : 9:50am~11:20am

-TOPIK II  :12:50pm~4:20pm, including 30 min. break


2.Registration Period : Jan 19 (Thur)~ Jan 31 (Tue) in 2017

3. 응시료(Fee) : $20 (check, Casher Check, Money order)

* Make a check Payable to : Korean Education Center


4.  How to apply

-  Mail or Walk-in (2320 Massachusetts Ave., NW Washington DC)


( The name of the file should be test taker's name, Payment should be made on time)


5.  What to submit?

Applicants though Korean schools: Application Form, jpg file of ID Photo in the application form, Fee, Applicants' list

Individual Applicant:Application Form, jpg file of ID Photo in the application form, Fee

* 2 ID photos should be attached in the Application Form


* The ID photo in the application form should be scanned and saved as jpg, and be submitted( the name of the file should be the test taker's name


*jpg photo file should be ID photo in order to be on the transcript( if no photo, registration CAN'T be made


* Even though register via mail or walk in, file of ID photo 2"×2"should be submitted

*The spelling of the name should be accurate

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