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1. Program Objectives

    The Korean Govenment Scholarship Program is designed to provide higher education in Korea for international students with the aim of promoting international exchange in education, as well as forstering mutual friendship amongst the participanting countries.


2. Total Number of Grantees in the USA : 19 candidates including 3 for overseas Korean adoptees


3. Available Universities : 64 universities in Korea designated by NIIED


4. Available Degree Program : Doctoral Degree, Master's Degree


5. Eligibility

  o Nationality : Applicants and their parents must hold non-Korean Citizenship.

  o Age : Applicants must be under 40 years of age as of September 1, 2018.

  o Degree Requirements : Applicants must hold or must be expecting to hold a Bachelor's or Master's degree by August 31, 2018.

  o Grades : An applicant must maintain the overall grade point of average(CGPA) equivalent to or higher than any ONE of the followings;

   [2.64 on a 4.0 scale, 2.80 on a 4.3 scale, 2.91 on a 4.5 scale, 3.23 on a 5.0 scale, or score percentile(80% or above)]

  o Health : An applicant must be in a good health, both mentally and physically, to study in Korea for the full duration of degree.

  o Preferences

    - An applicant who has attained certified scores in tests like TOPIK, TOEFL, or TOEIC for their profieciency in Korean or English may be given preference.

    - Decendents of the Korean War veterans will receive additional 5% of the total marks during the selection reviews.

    - Applicants who apply for the majors in the field of Natural Science and Engineering may be given preference.

    - Applicants from low income families or underprivileged backgrounds will be given preference.

    - Applicants who are confirmed to be the 'third generation' overseas Koreans will be given preference.


6. Required Documents

  o Applicant Form (Form 1)

  o Personal Statement (Form 2)

  o Statement of Purpose (Form 3)

  o Two letters of Recommendation (Form 5)

  o KGSP Applicant Pledge (Form 7)

  o Persoanl Medical Assessment (Form 8)

  o Bachelor's/Master's Diploma or Certificate of Degree

  o Bachelor's/Master's degree Transcript

  o Applicant's Proof of Citizenship

  o Parent's Proof of Citizenship

  * Please refer to the attached application guidelines for some other documents for relevent applicants to submit.

  ** Applicants must submit 1 set of original application and 3 sets of photocopies, identical to the original set. For sealed documents, such as recommendation letters, applicants must submit 4 identical documents, each sealed in a separate envelope.

  *** Applicants in the USA should submit the required application documents to the Korean Education Center or Korean Consulate General while refering to the contact information in the USA below.


7. Contact Information in the USA

  o Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the USA : 202.939.5680,


  o Korean Education Center in Washington DC : 202.939.5681,

     (VA, MD, WV, Washington DC)

  o Korean Education Center in New York : 646.674.6051,

     (NY, NJ, CT, PA, DE)

  o Korean Education Center in Los Angeles : 213.386.3112~3,

    (South CA, NV, AZ, NM)

  o Korean Education Center in Chicago : 312.822.9485,

    (IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, MI, MN, MI, NE, ND, SD, OH, WI)

  o Korean Education Center in Houston : 713.961.4104,

    (TX, OK, AR, LA, MS)

  o Korean Education Center in San Francisco : 415.590.4058,

     (North CA, UT, CO, WY)

  o Korean Education Center in Atlanta : 470.375.7186,

     (GA, FL, AL, NC, SC, TN)

  o Consulate General of the Republic of Korea(Boston) : 617.641.2830,

    (MA, NH, RI, ME, VT)

 o Consulate General of the Republic of Korea(Seattle) : 206.441.1011~4,

    (WA, OR, AK, ID, MT)

 o Consulate General of the Republic of Korea(Honolulu) :  808.595.6109,



8. Timeline of Application Procedure

 o Application Submission : till March 16, 2018

    * Application deadlines for some offices may be different.


Please refer to the attached documents for detailed information.



1. 2018 KGSP-G Application FAQs (ENGLISH-KOREAN).pdf

2. 2018 KGSP-G Application Form.docx

3. 2018 KGSP-G Application Guidelines (Korean).pdf

4. 2018 KGSP-G Application Guidelines (English).pdf




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